GS116Ev2 availability?


GS116Ev2 availability?

I am looking to buy a GS116Ev2 and cannot seem to find it anywhere.


Is the worldwide chip shortage to blame? or is this model being discontinued?



Model: GS116Ev2|ProSafe Plus 16 ports gigabits switch
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Re: GS116Ev2 availability?



Welcome to the community! 🙂 


The GS116Ev2 is not yet discontinued.  Kindly inquire to the NETGEAR Authorized Resellers listed here






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Re: GS116Ev2 availability?

Hi @DaneA 


I just got off the phone this morning with Netgear Sales support

Business Customer Support

1-855-ProSAFE (1-855-776-7233)


Reached them by calling the above phone number from the Contact Us link on the netgear website, and was told expliciitly that the only GS E series swtiches that are still being produced are the POE ones, which are in the high 200's to 300 dollar range. The GS116Ev2 IS definitely discontinued from what I was told.


This is also evidenced by the offerings on the amazon Netgear Store. 


I am curious as to why you have differing information?


I thought it might be a chip shortage thing, but I was told otherwise.


Nobody has them in stock anymore out of the retailers that I regularly use like Amazon or Best Buy. If there are any retailers with any left, it is the end of the stock globally from what I was told.


I decided to buy a pair of GS116Ev2 used units with scuffs and scratches from EBay for 38 buck apiece. Taking my chances.. But I am not paying 230+ dollars for a GS316EPP when I have no use for POE in my home/home office network. 


I have replaced all the 8 port and 5 port switches throughout my house with the GSE series PLUS managed switches and wanted to upgrade my core switches (basement structural cabling location and server rack location) to 16 port Plus fanless switches, and was very disappointed that i cannot get them new anymore with the lifetime warranty, but I want  the management / monitoring / port mirroring features and the ruggedness of the GS116Ev2.   


Perhaps the representative I spoke to was in error. If so, great, I would still recommend that switch to my small business owner colleagues if it were to become available again, or even a GS116Ev3 that sits in the same price range with the same build quality and the same feature set.


Thanks for the reply, I hope you are well, keep safe!





Model: GS116Ev2|ProSafe Plus 16 ports gigabits switch
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