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GS308E VLAN ports intermittently stops working


GS308E VLAN ports intermittently stops working

This switch is have strange intermittent problems as far as I can tell on ports 3 - 8. They seem to drop connectivity. the port lights are up but they seem to intermittently pass traffic at times. Port 1 (used as the trunk) and the VLan on port 2  never had problems the other vlan ports on 3 - 8 has it.  I updated the firmware to the latest in feb 2022, reconfigured the switch a few times with no change. My problem seems similar to the other gentlemen that had is ports randomly stop working. I configured the switch with the advanced 802.1q settings.I verified the issue using preliminary testing with ping and dhcp assignment on other computers. since port 2 always seem to have been working. I wonder if it a tagging/untagging problem for the other ports. When the issue occurs the only OS that reports a problem is my Ubuntu linux system. I believe it says trying to connect to the network when it goes haywire (If someone knows how that OS is determining how the network is bad might help (that's if it not using pings) I already replaced the switch with a differnet brand and everyting is working as expected. The only thing that I didn't try yet is untaging one of those ports to the same Vlan as port 2 to see if it would be stable too.

Model: GS308E|8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Smart Managed Plus Switch
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Re: GS308E VLAN ports intermittently stops working



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Have you tried to perform a factory reset on your GS308E?  If not yet, I suggest you to try it then observe if the same problem will occur. 


If the same problem occurred, I suggest you to set up port mirroring on the GS308E.  Select ports 3 to 8 as the source ports.  Then, select a port as the destination port on the GS308E where a PC (with Wireshark installed in it) is directly connected. Run Wireshark and observe.  It would be best that Wireshark would be able to capture the packets in the event that the connectivity drops on ports 3 to 8.


Kindly read pages 66-67 of the GS308E user manual here on how to set up port mirroring.  You may download Wireshark on this link.  As reference, you may check this link I found online on how to use Wireshark.  


For the captured packets to be analyzed, open an online support ticket with NETGEAR Support here regarding your concern. Kindly attach the captured packets from Wireshark on the support ticket you have opened for it to be analyzed by the NETGEAR Support team.






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