GS716Tv2 vs GS716Tv3


GS716Tv2 vs GS716Tv3

Hello - this is my first foray into Netgear equipment aside from a consumer wireless router some years ago. I just purchased a GS716T-200 (GS716Tv2). After making the purchase, and exploring the Netgear site in search of the latest firmware, I discovered that the GS716Tv3 is apparently soon to be released.


In general, as a new install, I would rather start out with "current" hardware, with the latest features - and a platform which will have firmware updates going forward, not one that may be EOL'd. At the same time, I'm wary of initial releases/upgrades.

Based on you-all's experience with Netgear hardware, am I better off sticking with the v2 running the latest firmware, or waiting til I can get the v3 version (though maybe it will be at a "v3 price" too?

Is the new hardware generally stable?

Thanks I'm advance for your opinions on this based on your experience with Netgear.
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