GS724T routing VLAN to internet


GS724T routing VLAN to internet

Reading some topics on this forum, it looks like i overlook something. Maybe somebody can help me out.


I use my GS724T for some time now, out of the box, never added VLANS.


Now i added camera's to my network and want to put them into a camera VLAN. They need to be acceseble from the internet (using port forwarding on my router).


For test i plugged in 2 laptops and added 2 VLANS. Enabled routing. That worked as it should. Host x.x.4.5 can ping the host x.x.3.5 and vice versa, so far so good. Port 1 is member of VLAN30 en port 2 is member of VLAN 40.


Because i cannot enable routing on management VLAN, i moved this to VLAN 100 and want to enable routing on VLAN 1. 


If i want to add VLAN 1 to static route (or any other route) i keep getting error messages saying that is not possible.

Plan was to add a static route with following pecs


I like to be able to reach every VLAN from within every other VLAN. Where do i go wrong ?


Thanks in advance! 






Model: GS724T|24-port Gigabit Smart Switch
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Re: GS724T routing VLAN to internet

also looked at:


at page 10 there are option that i do not have on my switch


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Re: GS724T routing VLAN to internet



Welcome to the community! 🙂 


at page 10 there are option that i do not have on my switch

That page is on a NETGEAR VPN ProSAFE Firewall Router such as the FVS336Gv3 (already End of Life) which is an included step in order for the VLAN members to communicate with network that is local to the router.   


Referring to image 2 you have attached, you will do this certain step (adding a static route) on your router. 





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