GS724Tv2 management VLAN


GS724Tv2 management VLAN

I'm trying to configure a GS724Tv2 with multiple 802.1Q VLANs, and I can't seem to find a way to tell it what VLAN the management IP should reside on. From online documentation I can see where the setting is on the v3 model, but my v2 doesn't seem to provide it (under "Setup" it only asks for IP, subnet mask, and gateway).

So far the switch seems to respond (ping/web browser) if I try to connect from any port with any untagged VLAN (doesn't seem to matter which one). I've even moved all of the ports away from VLAN 1 (all ports untagged on VLAN 10, nothing at all on VLAN 1), and it still works. Any suggestions how I can limit the management to a specific VLAN?

I'm on firmware V1.0.3_34 in case that matters. I may update to _35 regardless, but was hoping someone could shed some light on this subject.

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Re: GS724Tv2 management VLAN

Here is my suggestion: why not assign the management VLAN IP address that is not within the network range of your existing network/VLANs for security purposes so that only you could access it. You will just need to assign a static IP address to your PC/laptop whenever you want to access the management VLAN.
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