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Re: GS724Tv4 - Important Security Firmware Update from NETGEAR


GS724Tv4 - Important Security Firmware Update from NETGEAR

I received an email on 12/26/20 from Netgear with subject 'Important Security Firmware Update from NETGEAR'

for GS724Tv4 / GS716Tv3.


When I looked at the firmware links, it points to this page:



First of all that update was two months ago... If it is an important security update, why am I being notified 2 months later?

Secondly, looking at the 'Release notes', nothing appears to be security related at all.


Here is the entirety of the 'Release notes':


Bug Fixes:

  • 802.1AS status (Switching > 802.1AS > Basic > 802.1AS Configuration) is enabled; however, “GrandMaster Present” still displays incorrectly as FALSE.
  • Unable to open some configuration web pages through device view (System > Device View).

Known Issues:

  1. Warning messages pop up when you enable the https admin status.
  2. Cable test results sometimes show incorrectly long values.


Model: GS724Tv4|ProSafe 24 ports Gigabit Smart switch
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Re: GS724Tv4 - Important Security Firmware Update from NETGEAR



Welcome to the community! 🙂 


NETGEAR sends an end-of-quarter message to customers letting them know about firmware updates that came out for their product that quarter. We don’t send an email for every firmware release because that could be considered spam. Some products may have security updates but the email doesn’t reflect when there may not specifically be a security fix. We can request to enhance this. NETGEAR recommends keeping your product up-to-date.






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