GS752TXS bricked due to firmware-update?


GS752TXS bricked due to firmware-update?


In our continues efforts trying to be green we are still repurposing our NG switches;

A GS752TSX had an older firmware running so we downloaded the latest one, followed the outlined NG procedure (GS728TXS / GS752TXS Firmware Version  in upgrading the firmware.
All that went thru as expected, worked and no signs at all of any issues.


However, after a reboot the switch appeared to be bricked;

- Power LED: Orange

- FAN LED: Off
- ID display: "Off" (very dimly lit on all segments)

- Stack Master: Off (does turn on for about 6 seconds during power-up, does also turn on for about 6 seconds when pressing the "reset-button.

- All the ETH port LEDs are on/lit green.

What is the step-by-step procedure to initiate a recovery please?
I would assume a long press of the reset-button but not sure if that worsens the situation.


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Re: GS752TXS bricked due to firmware-update?



Let us try to perform a factory reset on your GS752TXS and observe if it will boot up properly.


If still the same problem after doing a factory reset, I suggest you to open a support ticket with the NETGEAR Support Team at anytime here for further hardware check.  If the switch has been declared faulty, be ready to submit a soft copy of the Proof of Purchase or Sales Invoice of your GS752TXS for warranty verification.  If the hardware warranty is still valid, an online replacement will be processed.






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Re: GS752TXS bricked due to firmware-update?

Yes, it is indeed bricked, no reset brings it back to life.
And that simply because of a firmware-update where NG neglected to warn (anywhere!) to do updates in incremental steps. (if your current version is too old)


Very unfortunate that despite this being a very likely occurrence if not careful (when dealing with switches collecting dust and probably having very old firmware). there is no warning about this issue anywhere except a mention once (now twice) on this Community?

Getting the paperwork is too much hassle, I guess I will need to scrap this one.
Such a waste as we re-use these for schools & ngo's.

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