GS828TP how to trunk vlan1?


GS828TP how to trunk vlan1?

I'm trying to trunk vlan1 (i.e. send tagged packets from several Vlans through the same port)

However in vlan1, when I set "T" on any port I get an error message:

VLan1: vlan was not created by user

- and the port isn't tagged.

The 3 other switches I want to connect to, use vlan1 on many ports. I don't really want to change vlan1 to vlan 11 (or something like that ) on 3 switches x 20 ports just to do things the netgear way.
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Re: GS828TP how to trunk vlan1?

I think you may have to change the VLAN. I did for routing and trunking capability.

Interestingly enough, I was worried about losing administration rights for getting rid of VLAN1 on the switch. After re-configuring all the VLAN ports for other VLANS (3, 10, and 20), I found out that the admin interface can still be accessed on any virtual gateway address.

I did read on some forum that it can be done with command line access, but I still can't figure how to access the switch with SSH/Telnet, I only have WebUI control.

For reference, mine is a GS752TXS .
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