Re: Home Network Setup Help- ATT Fiber to Prosafe Plus Switch


Home Network Setup Help- ATT Fiber to Prosafe Plus Switch

I need help with how to properly setup my home wire/wireless. Over the last couple of years, we have added more and more devices to the network and Im not very IT savy so Im pretty sure the way I have it currently setup is causing all our issues. We are experiencing random dropped WiFi connections between home automation devices and some lag when we run multiple bandwidth heavy devices on the network (Multiple TVs streaming content).


Currently it’s setup as follows... (I’ve attached diagram to follow easier)

  • ATT Fiber-Arris BGW210
  • Arris WIFI- Various Devices connected
  • 8 port TL switch connected to Arris port
  • TL Switch connected to AV Receiver, Hue Hub, Security DVR, Xbox One
  • Netgear GS108PE connected to Arris Port
  • CAT6 In Wall cables connected to GS108PE
  • In Wall CAT6 connected to ATT Air WiFi Extender
  • ATT WIFI Extender connected to GS105E
  • GS105E connected to 2 TVs, sound bar and Dish Hopper
  • In wall CAT 6 (Seperate cable fed from GS108PE) goes to Cisco Linksys E4200
  • Linksys E4200 connected to Printer, Computer and Pelaton
  • Linksys E4200 WIFI connected to 2 Nests, Doorbell, garage doors, 4 WiFi light bulbs and Sprinklers
  • Linksys WIFI- Various Devices connected


As you can see, its kind of a rats nest. I have not messed with any of the router settings but I’ve read different things about Bridge, pass through and Default. Can someone educate me and give me direction on how best to set this up so all devices are working optimally and benefiting from the ATT Fiber?

Thank you in Advance!!



Model: GS105E|5 ports ProSafe Unmanaged Plus switch, GS108PEv3|ProSafe Gigabit Plus switch with PoE
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Re: Home Network Setup Help- ATT Fiber to Prosafe Plus Switch



Welcome to the community! 🙂 


As I have checked the attached image, it seems you need to implement VLANs in order to separate your home/office network from guests.  The GS108PE supports VLAN however we need a router that also supports VLAN.  Does your AT&T BGW210 router supports VLANs?  






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Re: Home Network Setup Help- ATT Fiber to Prosafe Plus Switch

Thank you. I actually have Guests setup through the At&T router. Seem to be working well.
As I didn’t get any responses when I originally posted this, I spent some time through the forum and made some changes. I have the sound bars and any low data equipment using WiFi and the higher bandwidth electronics such as TVs hardwired through the Netgear Switches. I also decided to go with adding a Nighthawk X4 used in Repeater mode. I installed it in the farthest part of the house near the living room, master bedroom and patio area and it seems to have fixed all my issues.
This community forum has been great for learning. Thanks for responding!
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