How to unbrick a XS712T ?


How to unbrick a XS712T ?

It seems that I bricked (?) our reserve XS712T. Fan is running high but no LED is blinking or even lighting up.

All totally dark, while the fan thinks it is a turbine.

Is there any way to unbrick (I think it's bricked) the switch?


That device was still in original packaging as we put it aside as a reserve for our datacenter. 

Today I unpacked and connected it to power and the testlan we use for setrting up new devices. 


First problem I noticed was that the switch did not request an address over DHCP. No request visible on the DHCP server.

I then connected to it at It was indeed set to DHCP, but it still would not request an address when booting. 


Since we need this functionality as a backup (we do set static address, but in case of a reset the device must request a DHCP address),


I decided to update the firmware. Out of the box, the version was in the image1 slot.

I got version from the Netgear website and downloaded it to the device into slot image2 .

I did not change the active boot image, so it should still boot with image1.


I waited about half an hour (with coffee break). When I came back, the web page was flickering. I changed over to the device system view and it would tell me "method not allowed". I refreshed the page and got "not found". Login with any other browser was not possible.


At the end I decided to reset the device with the reset button. The device was supposed to reboot, but it never came back up. 

All LED's were dark and the fan runs high all the time. Never stopping or slowing down.

Removing power, doing a factory reset, all did not help.


I have now a brick that will consume power, run a fan very noisily and does not switch on any LED at all..


Is there something else I could try?





Model: XS712T|ProSafe 12 ports smart switch with 10G fiber
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Re: How to unbrick a XS712T ?

Hello Daniel,


Assuming you are the original buyer, your switch is under limited lifetime warranty. Head to , ensure the switch is registered, then -> My Support -> [Contact Support] -> Replace my defective product anf follow the guidance.

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