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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

MAJOR Issue with firmware - "SOLVED"


MAJOR Issue with firmware - "SOLVED"

When using VLANs and tagging immediately after upgrading to firmware you may face the 2nd bullet in the release notes:



Management VLAN feature. It allows only devices in the same VLAN to establish an IP connection to the switch


This leaves you with an UNACCESIBLE and UNPINGABLE switch.

For me personally I was lucky to have left 1 interface in VLAN1 and be able to connect back to the GUI via that (after re cabling) and I "downgraded" the firmware to version

This immediately restored the GUI and reachability.

All the time the actual traffic through the switch (VLANs etc.) was not interrupted. this was purely a GUI and IP (ping) management interface issue.

Netgear, please take corrective action as this may mean a lot of RMA's!


(Contacted Dutch support and they asked the standard questions and eventually their solution would be: replace)




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