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Re: MS510TXPP logout issue


MS510TXPP logout issue

I'm seeing an issue with an automated solution controlling a MS510TXPP.


I have the following workflow:

  • login
  • navigate to port details page
  • get port status and speed
  • logout

this is repeated for each port but after checking 3 ports I start having issues logging in.

I've managed to get around my issues mostly by adding a 10 second sleep after I logout. but this does still fail but not often.


everything is running in a docker container hosted on linux the docker container is also running linux I'm controlling the interface using selenium and chrome executed in python, I have some other nether switches that working fine no issues and no sleep required .


the switch is running firmware



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Re: MS510TXPP logout issue

Hi --shaun--,


Welcome to our community! 🙂


It seems that you are having issues with your switch. I suggest upgrading the firmware of the switch first to the latest version and then resetting it to factory default. Let's see if the issue goes away after the firmware update.





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Re: MS510TXPP logout issue



Bad idea. Forget it. I hope you are not trying to do it for some business critical infrastructure.

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Re: MS510TXPP logout issue

Hi John,


we also have another switch that has the later version of firmware install and it also has the same issue with out the 10 second sleep in the logout code.


thou we do have another netgear switch which using the same method of controlling does not need the 10 second sleep 




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Re: MS510TXPP logout issue

What makes it a bad idea?


it's not for some business critical infrastructure. it's to automate some testing of another product.

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Re: MS510TXPP logout issue



The screen design or flow can change any time. A screen layout or flow is not an API so there is no guarantee of any kind.

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