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Netgear GS748Tv5 Management VLAN - LAG


Netgear GS748Tv5 Management VLAN - LAG

Hi there!


Trying to accomplish following scenario:


Dedicated management VLAN with tag 80, tagged via Firewall Interface. Gave a port on the switch into this VLAN and tagged it with 80. Also gave that port PVID80. This port is connected to another switch from where I can access it with a management PC. With this setup I can manage the Switch fine over the management VLAN.


Next step would be a LAG to another switch for the clients. This LAG is in the default VLAN - ports untagged 1 as are the clients.


As soon as I connect the LAG, it is not possible to access the management IP of the switch, clients can access all resources via the LAG (excluding the management network).


Scratching my head over this... as if it is trying to reach the management IP of the switch via the LAG, which is not possible.


Any help appreciated!


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Re: Netgear GS748Tv5 Management VLAN - LAG

Management VLAN association correctly set on the LAG/trunk? 

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Re: Netgear GS748Tv5 Management VLAN - LAG

Not sure I´m getting this right. My understanding is, that the clients should go over the LAG, the management traffic should go over the patched management port, tagged VLAN 80. Hence the LAG is untagged 1, no association with 80.


Traffic for the management VLAN is coming from a switch, which has an uplink to an interface on the firewall, that is tagged 80. This works (as long as the LAG is disconnected).


The LAG is going to a different switch, which has an uplink connected to another firewall interface into the untagged 1 network.


So there should be no need to add the LAG into VLAN 80?


But I also tried this in my desperation, tagged the LAGs through to the switch that is connected with the corresponding firewall interface, but this did not work either.

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