Re: Problems with creating isolated VLAN on GS752TXS


Problems with creating isolated VLAN on GS752TXS

I have 4 GS752TXS stacked. I want to create an isolated VLAN for 4 ports, with no connection between them and the rest, the exception being 2 devices (via MAC addresses), which are plugged in anywhere and should also be isolated from everything except the 4 ports in the vlan.

I was neither able to correctly configure the isolation between the default VLAN and the new one, nor connect the devices via MAC based VLAN to my new VLAN. I created a new VLAN id 4 and tagged the ports 2/45, 2/46, 2/47 and 2/48 to it. I entered the 2 MAC addresses und "MAC based VLAN" and assigned the VLAN id 4 to them. Both steps didn't seem to have done anything.

Could someone help me please?

Thank You,
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Re: Problems with creating isolated VLAN on GS752TXS

You don't need to use tagging unless you are trunking. This post is 2 months old, so I'm assuming you already figured it out or forgot about it. I have VLAN working, but haven't tried VLAN based on MAC yet.


To set this up:
1) Visit Switching -> VLAN -> VLAN Configuration
Setup your new VLAN ID, VLAN 4 in your case.

2) Visit Switching -> VLAN -> VLAN Membership
Select your new VLAN 4 from drop down and use U, untagged, ports for 1-4

3) Visit Switching -> VLAN -> Port PVID Configuration
Set the first four ports to PVID of your new VLAN 4.

Then, you should be good to go.
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