Remote Desktop through R6700 + GS716Tv3 Setup


Remote Desktop through R6700 + GS716Tv3 Setup

Hi All,


I recently added a GS716Tv3 ProSafe Switch to my R6700 router in order to network my new home security cameras.

Anyhow, all is good except my ability to Remote Desktop (RDP) to my desktops.  I used to be able to do so (and I still can), without any problems, so as long as I remove the ProSafe switch from my network.


When I tried to connect, I receive an error stating that the Local Security Authority cannot be reached (see attached).  I have tried adding, removing remote users, resetting the passwords, enabling and disabling UPnP, as well as disabling and re-enabling port forwarding.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.  You can also follow the discussion on the router community - link

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Re: Remote Desktop through R6700 + GS716Tv3 Setup

Hi @Charlie-Brown,


Welcome to the community! 🙂 


Kindly answer the questions below: 


1.  As I understand, your current network setup is Linksys modem--R6700--GS716Tv3--NVR--IP cameras.  Just to be clear, are you trying to perform Remote Desktop from outside the network going to the desktop (or laptop) connected directly to the R6700 or to the desktop (or laptop) directly connected to the GS716Tv3? 


2. Is the Linksys modem a modem-only device or a modem-router combination? 


3. Are there VLANs configured on the GS716Tv3 switch?  If yes, on what VLAN does the NVR belong to?  Be reminded that the R6700 does not support 802.1Q VLANs. 


3. To check if port 3389 is really open on the R6700, follow the steps below:

      a. Access this link:

      b. On the "Enter Port to scan" field, enter 3389.

      c. Check the box that says: "By selecting this option you confirm that you agree to the "Terms of use" below."

      d. Click on the Scan Port button


  Note: If the result shows "online/reachable" it means that port 3389 is really opened on the R6700.





NETGEAR Community Team

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