S3300-28X ProSAFE - and every other Netgear Switch gets old IPs


S3300-28X ProSAFE - and every other Netgear Switch gets old IPs

Hello there,


i´m searching for quite a while now, but now i am out of ideas, maybe i am lucky and you can help me.

I have an Dream Machine, which builds the internet connection. Behind that i have an S3300-28x Netgear switch... this switch gets every connection from the Router. It has a fixed IP in the Subnet 192.168.10. Behind that big switch there are other switches (2x GS110TPV3) in every floor. Same static IP-Range. At last i have a POE-Switch for my security cameras (MS510TXPP). Every Switch has a static Ip, in the Router-Interface and in the switches itself. Routing is disabled in all switches.


For my telephone i have a fritzbox behind one switch. This doesn´t route (i hope) and it just works with the connection it gets (Repeater). This was my former Router and it had the subnet of 192.168.178.. But now it has an IP in the .10 Subnet. It keeps this IP all the time.


Whats bothering me is, that every Netgear Switch seams do get an IP in the .178 Subnet. Any other Moment the same switch gets the correct IP i had assigned to it, it switches every 10 seconds or so. In the Router the S3300 has always the .178 subnet, this one never changes. But i can reach it with the correct Ip.


  • The Switches keep doing that, even when i turn off the fritzbox
  • 2 to 3 devices (not the switches) also get an .178 IP -> but not every devices. All other devices stay in the .10 network
  • i cant find another dhcp server in my network
  • in my Networks in my dream machine, i never work with the .178 Subnet
  • can an old device, which i havent updatet on the new subnet yet cause these issues?
  • is it possible, that my Internet Provider has something do to with that? They have a service, where you only but a fritzbox in and the box gets all configurations from the internet.


Thank you very much 🙂



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