Set to trunk GS724Tv3


Set to trunk GS724Tv3

I'm building an ESXi lab with two host, GS724Tv3 and a E2500 running DD-WRT.
I got the VLANs working and routing on the E2500 and when one host is connected direct to the E2500, my VMs running on different VLANS (6 to 10) can communicate with each other.

I have the GS724Tv3 connected to the E2500. I plug my desktop to the switch and it can access the network. When I plug the host to a trunk port on GS724Tv3, the VMs are no longer accessile.

Ok, here's the newb question: Should I trunk the connection between GS724Tv3 and E2500?
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Re: Set to trunk GS724Tv3

Let me ask a few questions - the VLANs are no longer accessible from where? and what does the desktop have to do with anything?

So you understand where I'm coming from - you've outlined two scenarios, the first, which doesn't mention the desktop, says the VMs can communicate with each other, and the second, which says the desktop can access the network, says the VMs are no longer accessible - I can't see what you see, so you have to do a better job at describing it clearly.

I think there is some confusion as to what a trunk port is - to me a trunk and a LAG (link aggregate group) are equivalent - I would define a trunk or LAG as multiple connections between two devices that are used to increase bandwidth and possibly reliability, so a trunk port is a port that is a part of this trunk or LAG - another definition for a trunk port is one that passes VLAN information between switches, this definition does not require the port (or connection) to be part of a group..

Assuming you have two VLANs and you want those VLANs to be able to communicate with one another, there must be a device that links them, it can be a router, or a switch with layer3 capabilities - if the E2500 is that device, then the port is connected to must pass VLAN information to it - Netgear would describe this as a tagged port, meaning it will pass the VLAN tags, it also needs to be a member of both VLANs.

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