Re: Stacking GS728TXS with GS752TXS requires firmware or higher on both unit


Stacking GS728TXS with GS752TXS requires firmware or higher on both units

Just a heads up.
We purchased a few GS728TXS switches in a stack to go into a server cabinet this summer with the intention of adding some new 48 port models later to replace existing switches in the wire management rack. The TXS series was brand new but the new stacking cable system was going to be required vs the older models.

The new GS752TXS models ordered in October were backordered for 2 months but now have finally arrived but the stacking did not work out of the box. The error showed a code mismatch which looked to me like the firmware on one set of units needed an upgrade. Only problem is that the 728 models were running version 6 firmware and the 752 units were on firmware version 5 with no upgrade available to version 6. We ran them as two separate stacks just with the SFP slots configured as ethernet instead of stack mode to operate as uplink ports.

So contacted support and after a few weeks of waiting today we got a copy of a beta / release candidate firmware version 6 that works on both units. Version number is Looks like this also fixes the security vulnerability of downloading the unencrypted configuration files without a password.
I tried that exploit and it just gives me this error instead of dumping the config details:
404 Not Found

So even though the marketing materials state the 728 and 752 TXS series switches are compatible with each other you will need to obtain a beta firmware to accomplish this feature until they make it public. If you don't like beta software then you will need to wait and just operate them separately, order the older model products, or only order a single model of these switches to use in a stack.

In our case we did not want the older TS models as they use the HDMI cable for stacking with a very limited length on the stacking cable. These new models are more expensive but allow use of SFP+ modules so using a fibre cable for longer distance gets us a stack that spans between the server cabinet over to the cable management racks.

We ran a short copper SFP+ cable between the two 728 units in the server cabinet and a bit longer one between the two 752 units in the cable rack. Then with fibre SFP+ modules we run 2 fibres to go between the two halves of the stack to make it a redundant ring.

2 GS728TXS in server rack
2 GS752TXS in wiring rack
1 0.5M copper Twinax SFP+ cable
1 1M copper Twinax SFP+ cable
4 SFP+ fibre transceivers
2 multimode fibre cables
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Re: Stacking GS728TXS with GS752TXS requires firmware or higher on both unit

So you're telling me that Netgear have produced a range of smart stackable switches with only two models in the line-up and they are only capable of stacking together by use of a beta firmware upgrade which isnt publicly available?

I see the GS752TXS has now been released for over two years and the GS728TXS was released middle of 2013, well over 6 months ago.

It sounds to me like the definition of 'STACKABLE' doesnt quite stack up
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Re: Stacking GS728TXS with GS752TXS requires firmware or higher on both unit

Public release of the firmware now means you no longer need to contact tech support to obtain the beta firmware when stacking these models together. Be sure to upgrade all units to version 6 before connecting as a stack.
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