Switch GS108E strange MAC address and no serial number


Switch GS108E strange MAC address and no serial number


I got it from someone a Switch GS108E. After logging into the device, the first thing I noticed is that it displays a different mac address than the one on the sticker and that it does not show the serial number of the device. The device can only be connected directly one-to-one. After connecting the device to a local network switch it is not possible to log on. I have of course changed the device's ip to that of my lan network. I have reset the device to factory settings. I have also added new firmware. Could it be a hardware defect?



Model: GS108Ev3|ProSafe 8 ports Gigabit Plus switch
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Re: Switch GS108E strange MAC address and no serial number



Since you have already reset it back to factory defaults, it should obtain an IP Address once you connected it to your existing network. What is the specific firmware version that you have uploaded to the switch?


Here is my suggestion.  Set a static IP Address to your GS108E for ease of management.  Here are the steps below:


1. Disconnect the GS108E switch from your existing network.  Connect a PC to a LAN port of your GS108E switch.

2. Set a static IP address of to your PC.

3. Open a browser like Google Chrome or Firefox then at the address bar of it, type then press Enter. Login to the user interface of switch. Enter "admin" and "password" as the username and password respectively without the quotation marks.


Note: The default IP address of GS108E is 


4. The Switch Information page displays. In the DHCP Mode menu, select Disable.

5. Enter a static IP address that is within the IP range of your existing network in the field provided (for example: if your existing LAN is within the 10.0.0.x IP address range, you can set a static IP address of to your GS108E).  Also, enter the corresponding subnet mask and default gateway then click Apply.


Note: You will lose access to the web-GUI of the GS108E because you have just change its IP Address which is normal.


6. Connect a LAN port of the GS108E to your router.  

7. Set your PC/laptop to "Obtain an IP Address Automatically."  Then connect it to a LAN port of the GS108E . 

8. Open a browser like Google Chrome.  Then, at the address bar of it, type the static IP Address you have set to the GS108E then press Enter.  If you are able to access it, then it means that the GS108E is now a part of your existing network.


Note: You may also perform a connectivity test.  Open command prompt on your PC/laptop then ping the static IP address you have set to the GS108E (for example: ping then press Enter).  If you receive replies then it means that the GS108E is reachable within your existing network. 






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