Switch Offline and Unregistered


Switch Offline and Unregistered



I have an GC108PP 8 port smart switch.


It is connected to my Orbi Router.  It is working.  The devices plugged into it are getting a hardwired network connection yet I cannot access it through insight.  I registered it but in insight, it says it is offline and unregistered.  Yet in my account I see the switch listed.  


So I am not sure why it is doing this.  I just want to register it and access it through insight. But it just acts like a dumb switch.  


Sorry about putting in the wrong product but I couldn't find my switch and the field is required. 


Thanks for any advive.



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Re: Switch Offline and Unregistered

Hi @5pac3m0nk3y,


Just to confirm, have you checked this KB article as reference on how to add a device in NETGEAR Insight?


If so, are you able to access the admin page of the GC108PP? Kindly check if it's updated to the latest FW which is v1.0.8.9 (release notes here).






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