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VLAN GS752TP and GS752TPV2


VLAN GS752TP and GS752TPV2

Good day, Hoping someone can give me some clarification. I have three three switches (2-GS752TPV2, 1-GS752TP), all three are interconnected. using Ethernet. I currently have a VLAN for the wireless, all is working fine. Now i need to setup a second VLAN for a second wireless network, but when i tag the second VLAN to the same port it does not work. My question is am I able to tag multiple VLAN ID to the same port on the switches? Thanks Rudy
Model: GS752TP|ProSafe 48 ports PoE Smart switch with 8 PoE+ ports, GS752TPv2|48-Port Gigabit Ethernet PoE+ Smart Managed Pro Switch with 4 SFP Ports (380W)
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Re: VLAN GS752TP and GS752TPV2

Of course you can configure multiple tagged VLANs on one port or LAG for creating a dedicated new network.


There is much more required than the plain VLAN config. Does the router support multiple networks, is the router port configured for the additional tagged VLAN, is there a dedicated IP subnet configured on this additional network, and last but not least is there DHCP service active for the additional network? And so on...

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