VOIP VLAN question GS748T


VOIP VLAN question GS748T

Hi All,

I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I want to know how to properly configure the following setup: I will have 1) GS748T smart switch, 1) GS716T smart switch and (I was hoping a FVS336G router) which will handle 2 internet connections - 1 for VOIP and 1 for data.

Here is the challenge. The office currently has VOIP phones mixed with computers on the same network. Some computers are even connected to the built in switch in the phones. All devices (phones and PCs) get their IP address via DHCP from the same server, thus all devices have a address. I want to ensure call quality on the VOIP phones is not compromised.

Do I

a) use the auto voip vlan feature?
b) set up a separate vlan for the voice / data?

My question is: do the devices need to be on separate subnets at that point or will the packets from the phones get tagged, and the data traffic can remain untagged on the same network? Am I thinking about this wrong?

When data gets to the router (FVS336G), I want to route the VOIP traffic to WAN2 for voice, and data traffic to WAN1. I understand this router may or may not be VLAN aware at the latest firmware but wonder if that will be an issue. I plan to set up a rule for UDP traffic on 5060 (SIP) to use WAN1.

Any help is appreciated!
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