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Voip interruptions


Voip interruptions

we are experiencing severe interuptions  in our Voip calls - mostly the oher side can not hear us, we can hear them.
the durations of the interruptions are ut to 5 sec.
therefore i would like to reorganise our network setup.
current setup:(see attached files):
router to ISP:
FRITZ!Box 6591 Cable cable-router from internet provider vodafone/kabelDeutschland.
fixed ip address
575 mbit/s down
55  mbit/s up
we could get more bandwith for down but not more for up  (i'd need a second ISP for this)
the router is NOT Vlan ready/ aware
unfortunatelly the router does not have a passthrogh / bridge function to an another  router either.
it has an exposed-host setting: it means it passes al not used ports (all other ports the fritzbox not uses) 
currently we do not use the exposed host setting
the ISP does not provide us another router or cable modem
5 data
10 video
20 voice (Auto-Voice)
inter vlan routing in netgear XS708T
Voip Provider: Placetel (Broadcom/Cisco)
voip telephones:
all Snoms
all per-configured /autoprivisioned by placetel
all telephones get their SIP and RTP-Port settings  via autoprvisioning
most of voip phones are connected directly  to 
a  NETGEAR GS728TPv2 switch,
autovoip, voice network Vlan20 LLmed,
phones receiving their settings (llmed)  from switch correctly 
some phones connected to NETGEAR GS1 10TPv2/v3 switches, 
autovoip, voice network Vlan20 LLmed,
NETGEAR GS1 10TPv2/v3  are uplinked by SPF to the NETGEAR GS728TPv2 switch
autovoip, voice network Vlan20 LLmed,
so all voip should be bundled by the NETGEAR GS728TP switch.
all voip is sent via a trunk line (vlan 5 +  auto-voip vlan20 ) to the XS708T switch
this swich performs the inter vlan routing and send the packages to the router.
(previeusliy we used the voip switch GS728TPv2 switch for inter-vlan routing, but we had voip interruptions as well so we use the faster 10GE router now, but the situation is the same.)
i am not able to locate the problem, i am not sure if i have a
ISP (vodafone) issue, (unstable line)
a router (cable modem) issue
or an issue in my network  configuration.
i am thinking about to reorganize the network by installing:
1. a vlan aware router / netgear insight capable router (BR 200) 
2. a load balancing router + a new (dsl ?) IPS.  netgear (to my knowledge) does not sell routers like this anymore. so i have to look for a replacement for insight as well.
3. (not in the pdf) buy 2 netgeare br200-s an separate completly data from voip. (most expensive, no load balancing) but with insight.
in this case maybe i do not need a new router either...
parallel question :
netgear insight
i have not much experience with insight (besides configuring the wac540 APs)
is insight capable of configuring /managing the router(s) for this purpose.
we desparetelly need to solve this voip issue, please send me some sugestions.
thanks in advance.
Model: BR500|Insight Instant VPN Router, GS728TPv2|24-Port Gigabit Ethernet PoE+ Smart Managed Pro Switch with 4 SFP Ports (190W)
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Re: Voip interruptions



Found out that you already got a support ticket with the NETGEAR Support Team.  You may want to share here the progress or the outcome of your support ticket. 






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