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Adding a second modem to increase the signal in a part of my house

Background for past two years:

I initially had a laptop and a desktop with one Telkom router, running both wireless and wired (Ethernet cable)

My daughters got laptops, and I bought a Netgear Wireless N300 Router/Modem for a better signal.

The signal is good, but at the extremes of the house poor.

I found on the internet a plan of a “Windsurfer” and built one. The results were not that impressive.

So I thought to incorporate the first router (the Telkom router/modem) somewhere in the LAN for a boost.

I changed the first (Telkom) router to a booster, but struggled (used advice from the internet) and stopped the exercise. Some settings were changed on the Telkom modem. So this was the situation for the past 2 years.

We only used the Netgear modem which was centrally located.

Current situation:

I recently moved to another study- the Netgear wireless signal is excellent in the study, but the signal is bad in the rest of the house. There is no signal in my bedroom.

This is a quick drawing of the set-up:

From the PC, I connect to Netgear with an Ethernet cable, which gives wired internet to the computer(PC) and wireless internet to rooms close by.

If I now connect the Netgear modem with an Ethernet cable from the study to a central point in the house to the Telkom modem, it does not produce a signal from the Telkom modem and wireless does not work at all.

The only lights that show on the Telkom modem, are the Power light, the E2 light and the Wireless light.

If this might help, I connected both modems to the PC and got the Default Gateway address for the Telkom modem: and for the Netgear modem is

To summarize:

Netgear is working fine.

I want the Telkom modem to supply the remainder of the house where the signal is poor or where there is no signal.

I have 3 telephone points, so can connect the Telkom modem to a telephone connection, if that might help.

Any advice will help.

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Re: Adding a second modem to increase the signal in a part of my house

Set up your Netgear as an Access point with a different SSID then the DSL router. Some of your devices should connected to the Netgear SSID and others to the DSL SSID. If you want roaming capabilities (meaning same SSID for all routers in your home) You will need different router equipment (Cisco) then what you have
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