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Can I use 4 Powerline adapters?

I have a set of NETGEAR Powerline AV 200 adapters. I love them I have had no problems. I have two more rooms in my house I would like to light up.

1.) Can I buy another set and use four adapters on the same network?

2.) Does one of the new adapters have to be also plugged into the switch or will they (the other 3) talk to the adapter that is already connected to the internet?
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Re: Can I use 4 Powerline adapters?

If you use same Model family, yes

Also go to and search your producs

You will see FAQ on power line device and explain about it
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June Mizoguchi-
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Re: Can I use 4 Powerline adapters?

I've got 4 adapters in use (XAV5001). How it works is that all four adapters negotiate together to elect a central node to which all the others communicate packets. As far as I understand, the election usually picks the node that is "closest to the internet." If you run the NETGEAR powerline utility, it will display communication paths from the central node to each of the other nodes, but no paths between the other nodes. This suggests that communication between two of the losing nodes will transit the powerline twice - once from loser-1 to the central node, and then repeated to the loser-2.

Do not redundantly connect any of the adapters on the Ethernet side, or chaos ensues.

If you want to have two independent links between pairs of nodes, it can be arranged by setting the encryption keys for each pair to different values.
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Re: Can I use 4 Powerline adapters?

Thank you so much this is going to make my life much easier.
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Re: Can I use 4 Powerline adapters?

I'm sorry, but I speak a little english.
I have four powerline XAV5001. I try to explain my problem.
I connect a terminal to router, the others in other rooms to connect pc to internet.
For the first all ok; for the others limited connection.
The first pc has ip 192.168.x.x, but the others have ip 164.x.x.x
All the rooms are on the same electric net.
Where is my error?
Thank You for help.
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