Re: Complaints to Netgear.


Complaints to Netgear.

There is no way to really contact Newgear for help. The conversation with India (I think) varies from average to poor. So try the email. First you have to find a "subject". If it doesn't fit, after searching, you may find a way to ask a particluar question. In the web, I would sign in, the site would acknowledge correct sign in. It would then refer me to a "section", where I would have to sign in again, and the loop continued. I am still trying to find an answer to what seems to be a simple question, but the "oral" answers from India have resulted in a probably unnecessary return of a product (at India's instruction) only to have the new product produce the same problem. Here it is: I have a set of XET1001 Wall-Plugged Ethernet Adapters. When set up they work fine. I then try to use the "Encription Utility" and only one of the units show up. I did everything "India" teld me to do, and they finally said: "It seems to be working fine" When I explained I could not follow the instructions if both devises don't show up ((Page 12, Version v1.0 January 2008). they say " It will work ... can I close my file?" (Number 10039557).
In desperation, I am entering this Complaint. If I cannot get a reply, I will give up, but not buy Netgear again.
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Re: Complaints to Netgear.

fourm will not do ANY good for complaints. this is user to user forum

I say write a corporate letter to US HQ
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Re: Complaints to Netgear.

jmizoguchi wrote:
fourm will not do ANY good for complaints. this is user to user forum

I say write a corporate letter to US HQ

You are right. Why would a company even bother looking at the problems a consumer has on their forums. Netgear has a whole world of first time/last time customers to sell their products to.
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Re: Complaints to Netgear.

I spent a good deal of time via e-mail and phone on the netgear utility issue discussed elsewhere in this forum. I did not have any good result. Last contact, I was promised a return call after escalation. Weeks later, never got one. So, yes, this is not the right place to expect a netgear response, but to official venues don't seem to yield much result either...Smiley Sad
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Re: Complaints to Netgear.

It's also worth a "shot" to email/phone/visit(!) the local distributor/importer/Netgear sales office of the region you reside in... :mad:Smiley Sad:eek: ...
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Re: Complaints to Netgear.

I have to agree with you on the lack of understanding the language of the NetGear empolyees. I e-mailed NetGear the following letter:
I have never in my 55 years been so disappointed in one USA company.
I have called Netgear support over five times.
I was told by an employee of yours I had purchased the incorrect wireless router supported by my AT&T Sierra Wireless USB 308 devise.
I was told to return to the store where I purchased the device and get a different one.
I again had the same problems and again was told to return to the store where I purchased the device and purchase a NBRN 3000. I did so.
Now once again will not supported my AT&T device Sierra Wireless USB 308 devise.
I have been attempting to set up a Netgear Wireless Router for over two weeks.
Your employees are not capable of setting it up I have been given a different case number every time I call even when I tell them I already have a case number. The last number I was given was 172705582 the one before was 17267263.
The last lady asked me to do something that has now disabled my PC / Vista ability to connect with my Internet provider and I am not capable of even accessing the Internet at all on that computer. She tells me to contact my Internet provider. Mind you it was her that did something wrong. I had the Internet before talking to her.
Now I have to use my MAC to access the Internet and still have no wireless router.
To top this off it is obvious Net gear may be in the San Jose Area, only one hour from me, however you outsource your phone support to a foreign country as I have not been able to understand a single one of the employees poor English abilities. How do you expect a customer to react when I do as your employees ask and purchase a new unit with a different model number and always =get the same reaction and can't communicate with your employees in English?
Please help and take care of this issue immediately.
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Re: Complaints to Netgear.

Worst company ever. Seriously products are innovative but they assert no value yo customer satisfaction or service recovery. They do not deserve our money.
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Re: Complaints to Netgear.

WOW! You are so correct, worst worst worst cutomer support. I have a WRN3500v2 Rangemax and just want to use it in my new home. The disk for setting it up does not support Win7 and cannot access the set up. I have called waited forever and then he read a card and could not even understand the problem! I just need a win7 download, all the on site downloads do not set up either and both the or the are useless as is the

I am on my way out to but a new router and whatever it is IT WILL NOT BE A NETGEAR, Period! Awful company.
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Re: Complaints to Netgear.

I'm not trying to defend netgear at all, But you shouldn't need a disk. Connect pc to lan port and power up router, just make sure your nic card is set to DHCP. If that's not working for you, Hold router reset until power led flashes and try again. Use IE, some of the other browsers are not supported.
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Re: Complaints to Netgear.

Frankly, I can understand the frustration that (in particular American) customers gets when contacting a US based company only to get their calls "shipped" to India.

Not knowing exactly how it works there, I can only say that in Northern Europe / Scandinavia there is what seems to be a massive difference in support levels, I have had alot of contact with (besides Netgear) Linksys, Cisco and D-Link and in all cases it has been very good support.. if you call within the designated working hours that is - the calls out of the normal hours are also directed to India and the support that I have encountered is abysmal...

I have a CCNA diploma with a good score, while not super fancy, it still puts me in a position where ied like to think i know a thing or two about networking and IT infrastructure, and I can only expect others feel simialar after spending half a life time, using this type of technology at an "above average" user level - only to then get some almost incomprehensible, script reading supporter on the phone who has nothing to rely on besides predefined scripts and have no know-how what so ever.

Still at least I have access to localized support and I can only say, that the support ive gotten so far, has been excellent, coming from country with 6M inhabitants and being able to call a US based company for support and then getting a native speaker on the phone is an awesome service, but yeah, if you guys gets sent directly to India for your support then.. phew....
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