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Plp2000 download speed

I recently upgraded to a 400mbps download Speed internet package. I am using the plp2000 as to make things cleaner.

At first my computer was only getting 140 max download speed, my phone via wifi was reflecting that and only getting 140 as well.

This morning I randomly tested my phone again in my bed and got the expected 300+. So I went through and rearranged my entire room so my desk is now where my bed was. When I plug the powerline adapter in again I’m now only getting 110 max download speed.

How do I fix this?
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Re: Plp2000 download speed

A couple things. 

1. powerline devices are sensitive to interference. Things like gfci outlets, arc fault breakers, surge protectors, cell phone chargers, cheap/poorly made electronics, high draw appliances all add interference or block powerline signals. and can decrease performance.

2. distance. you might have only moved the device 1 outlet but if that outlet is on a different circuit breaker, it adds a lot of distance (from outlet ----breaker----back to other outlet. Or even it adds an arc fault of gfci breaker into the equation.

3. Performance. In my opinion the overinflation of what powerline is capable of is worse than what they do with wireless. Its worth it to read some reviews and actual testing on powerline to understand its limitations and capabilities. 



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