Poor speeds through PLP1000 powerline connectors


Poor speeds through PLP1000 powerline connectors

I have just transferred my broadband supplier to Virgin with advertised speeds of over 100mbps. I connected two PLP1000 poerline connectors one to the Virgin Hub3 and the other to an electric socket in the back bedroom which has poor wifi connection.

The leds on both connectors show solid green on both the socket indicator showing it to have good connectivity and on the ethernet indicators. However the speed indicator on both is red showing them to have less than 50mbps. I am surprised that the connecctor plugged straight into the Hub3 shows such a low speed.

I can't connect anything directly into the Hub to measure the speed but I can connect my phone by wifi and within 2m of the Hub it shows speeds of over 80mbps which seems to indicate the Hub is OK.

I have my pc connected to the second Powerline and the speed is sometimes as low as 1 or 2 mbps.

I know this may be an old topic but I wonder if anyone can suggest why the Powerline connected directly to the Hub should show speeds of less than 50mbps? I would appreciate any help.

Model: PLP1000|Powerline 1000 + Extra Outlet
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Re: Poor speeds through PLP1000 powerline connectors

the powerline devices are showing what the connection is between the 2 powerline devices. 

And many things impact powerline connections such as 

Distance. (the outlet might be next to each other but be on a different circuit so they can have a long run)

old/bad/cheap wiring

surge protectors

arc fault circuits

gfci outlets

old/bad electronics injecting interference in the powerline system

cheap electronics/cell phone chargers

high draw appliances


These can all degrade the connection between powerline devices and cause a poor connection. 

Hows the connection if you put both powerline devices on the same circuit?

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Re: Poor speeds through PLP1000 powerline connectors

Thank you for the response, I have just plugged another PLP1000 into a socket adjacent to the one connected to the Hub but the internet led is red.
I have read your comment about what might affect the speed and it is true the back bedroom is on a different circuit to that of the Hub. The house was professionally rewired about 10 years ago and there are no surge protectors etc. It seems as if I will have to live with the speeds unless I can find a way to move the pc closer to the Hub.
Thank you for the information.
Model: PLP1000|Powerline 1000 + Extra Outlet
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