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Powerlin WiFi 1000

I have buy a Powerline WiFi1000 which include a PL1000v2 to connect to my box and a PLW1000v2 to plug in another room. It works beautifully to have a good internet access in that room. How ever the connection is still poor in another room of my place. Could I buy another PLW1000v2 and plug it as well ? Thanks for your answer.

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Yes you can.

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Re: Powerlin WiFi 1000

@aandremont wrote:

Could I buy another PLW1000v2 and plug it as well ?


As @plemans says, you sure can. But there are problems.


If you want to add a second Powerline plug with an integrated wireless access point (AP), like the PLW1000v2, you will find that you cannot  buy a single plug.


Netgear, like many suppliers of Powerline systems, does not sell single plugs. You have to buy the bundle. However, one or two brands do sell standalone plugs, including AP plugs. (Check the usual places.) Then there is the second-hand market.


Many routers work in AP mode, so an alternative is to use a standard (non AP) plug as the Ethernet link between a router and a wifi extender in AP mode.


Most recent Powerline devices follow the AV standard, which means that you can mix different makes and different generations. The only issue if that if you add "1000" plugs to a network with "500" plugs, or vice versa, they will talk to each other at the speed of the slowest plugs on the network.

Remember, you need only one "source" plug connected to the router.


One other thing to consider, in theory you can mix brands but it isn't always easy to get set them up. Indeed, some people seem to find it impossible.


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