Re: XAVN2001 amber power light. Drops connection.

XAVN2001 amber power light. Drops connection.

Hello! I own a NETGEAR Powerline AV 200 Wireless-N Extender Kit (XAVNB2001). This kit consists of a 1) Powerline AV 200 Wireless-N Extender (XAVN2001); and a 2) Powerline AV 200 Ultra Adapter (XAV2001).

The XAV2001 is downstairs plugged in a wall next to the internet modem/router; the XAVNB2001 is connected upstairs so that I can get a stronger Wi-Fi signal on the second floor.

Problem: The XAVNB2001 works fine for a while, then all the LEDs turn off and its power light goes amber/yellow, and I can't connect to the internet through it.

Troubleshooting: I have moved the XAVNB2001 to different outlets around the house (even to an outlet in the same room as the XAVN2001) and the issue persists. I have reset both XAVN2001 and XAVNB2001 and the issue persists. I have replaced both the XAVN2001 and the XAVNB2001 for new units and the issue persists.

Temporary solution: The only solution that I've found to work is to unplug the XAVN2001 from the wall and plug it back in.

Any idea of what could be going wrong here? :confused:
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Re: XAVN2001 amber power light. Drops connection.

It could just be that something else on the power circuit is causing noise which results it in working for a while, but then the distortion makes the signal unusable (unplugging the unit resets the frequency negotiation process between the units which allows it to try and handle any noise).

You've tried other outlets, so now you have to try and identify if theres something else making noise on the line (mine was actually the power adapter for my WNDR3700 router).

1) Install the Powerline utility on a laptop / computer
2) Unplug / plug in both adapters and see what the line rate is between them
3) Try removing close by electrical items (including the router) and see if that affects the ability for the connection to stay up, and to a lesser extent the line rate

My powerlines worked find until I moved them to the same room as my router. Then I had to plug things into a power strip with surge protector / PLC (powerline compatible) sockets and everything worked out fine.
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Re: XAVN2001 amber power light. Drops connection.

dickie, thanks for you reply. I will try your suggestions.
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