cannot setup a switch and powerline adapters


cannot setup a switch and powerline adapters

hi - i have managed to put in place 2 powerline adapters : onbe between the router and a plug and the other powerline adapter plugged in one of the bedrooms where my son has a pc and linked to the PC.


now i woudl like to have the same with my own laptop in the office - i have realised that i have a netgear switch  - would this work?


shall i plug the switch in the office and put a computer cable between the switch and my laptop?  will this work with a pc and laptop both using the elctricity cables as network ? how do i pair them all?

and is it better to have teh swith next to teh router and the 2 adapters next to the laptop and pc or is it ok to have teh switch next to my laptop? thanks!


Model: XAV5004|500 Mbps Powerline Ethernet Adapter|EOL
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Re: cannot setup a switch and powerline adapters

I'm afraid I don't follow the layout you suggest. (A picture always helps.)


To get Powerline Ethernet, you need one plug connected back to the router and one at each client.


You can connect the router plug to a switch to act as the feed into the mains circuit. But then you still need a plug for each "client".


> Router > Switch > Powerline > Mains > Powerline


I've done that.


You could try connecting a switch to the remote plug to give you more remote ports.


> Router > Powerline > Mains > Powerline > Switch > 




> Router > Switch > Powerline > Mains > Powerline > Switch


I have done something similar, with a wireless access point instead of the final switch.


You can also add extra Powerline plugs at different point in that chain.


What you do with those various switches is up to you. You can add whatever you like to get back to the router.





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