how many XAV5501's...


how many XAV5501's...

can you have in one network.?

I used to have 4 HDX101's in my house and recently bought 4 XAV5501's to replace them, but the software only seems to see two of them. I've added the 3rd one in and its not visible in the software. It also doesnt appear to be "talking" to the other two that are visible.

Any ideas, please help.

Thank you.
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Re: how many XAV5501's...

Rotate between the units to find out if all are working OK. Then put them all on a powerstrip to see if they are communicating with each other.
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Re: how many XAV5501's...

have to changed the encryption key on the first two before adding the 3rd?

I bought two, installed them, changed the encryption key and then when I added the 3rd one, it wasnt visble because they have the default encryption key. So I reset the first two back to the default encryption key and added units 3 and 4 and they were then all visible. Then i changed the encryption key on all 4, job done.

Hope that helps.
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