link XE103


link XE103

I just got 4 additional XE 103 Ethernet adapters.


2 linked perfectly to existing.  2 do not.


When i plug into electric, nothing happens.  When i add direct cable to router, lights blink, but the encription program does not see them at all.


Thanks for your support.



Model: XE103|Powerline|EOL
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Re: link XE103

XE103? Good grief. That's almost 20th century. It predates the AV standard. Those plugs won't work with more modern devices.


Maybe they just died of old age.


I would suggest this:


>>> Adding a powerline adapter to an existing powerline network <<<


But I have never tried it with anything that old.


Did you read the manual?


Visit the support pages:

Support | NETGEAR

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