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AV UI & Main UI Suggestions


AV UI & Main UI Suggestions

Hi all,


Long time M4300 user. For a lot of AV deployments we still use M4300's. I've installed a bunch of M4250's also. 


Here are some things I'm looking for that would provide me with a much smoother workflow.

  • On all pages, please change the HTML page title to include (or only use) the switch's system name, instead of just "network". Including this on the page itself would be helpful too. The Main UI uses the switch model, but system name would be preferred. This way, when I have a lot of open tabs for various switches, I can easily identify the correct one. Also helps when bookmarking the pages too.
  • Add shortcuts from Main UI back to AV UI. Would be nice if you didn't have to re-login also. In AV UI, the link to Main UI would be great if it was not under Question/Help, but just right next to Save.
  • In the AV UI, I really love the ability on the neighbors page to see the IP address from a device. Can this be added to the Main UI also on the Address Table page?
  • On the PoE page in AV UI, add the ability to select all ports to do a PoE Reset. The current workaround is to edit PoE Interface Settings, select all, disable, then select all, enable.... Or use the Main UI. 
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