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How Gamestream Scales Gaming-as-a-Service with NETGEAR M4300 - Case Study


How Gamestream Scales Gaming-as-a-Service with NETGEAR M4300 - Case Study

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Hi NETGEAR Business Community


NETGEAR Products are used around the world for small and medium businesses. We recently reached out to a few of end users to ask them how they use NETGEAR SMB Products for their small and medium businesses. We discovered some awesome people, products and uses cases and wanted to share them with you here in the NETGEAR Community.


Did you know that you no longer necessarily need an expensive top-of-the line computer or console to run today’s latest AAA games in HD at 60fps? Gamestream.biz of Paris makes it possible with their games-as-a-service platform and NETGEAR M4300 switching hardware. With NETGEAR M4300 10gb Switches connecting the Gamestream control tower to simple, inexpensive televisions and set-top boxes, almost anything is possible!


Download the Gamestream NETGEAR M4300 Case Study now.


Did a NETGEAR product solve your business need? Drop us a note and/or post your Case Study in the NETGEAR Community and let us know!




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