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IntervLAN between two M4250 switches


IntervLAN between two M4250 switches

Hi all,

New to all the Netgear AVLine switches and trying to figure out how everything works.

What I am trying to do is setup a 2 switch-config where I have a Management VLAN (ID 1), Video VLAN (for NDI, ID 10) and Dante-audio VLAN (ID 20). So far so good. 
I followed the Youtube videos by Netgear to setup the VLANs. On the main switch (which is the M4250-10G2F-PoE+) I enable the DHCP server on all the 3 VLANS. On the other switch (M4250-10G2XF-PoE++) I added the VLANS and set them up as DHCP clients. 

That is working, as well.

Now, what is not working is: I have a PC connected to a port in the management-VLAN and I want to run Dante Controller on that, be able to access config-pages of the PTZ cameras and so on. But I cannot access these things from the PC. I can't ping the devices in the other VLAN's. So I must be doing something wrong, although in one of the Netgear youtube-videos which I followed, Netgear showed that it has to be able to ping devices when the subnetmask and gateway are configured correctly. I checked that, and it seems I have it configured correct (the same as in the video).

I am a bit at a loss here, so hopefully someone on this community can help me with this.


Kind regards,


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