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Re: M4300 multicast with Yamaha SWP2-series


M4300 multicast with Yamaha SWP2-series

I have a customer network with M4300, M4200, and Yamaha SWP2-series switches all handling Dante traffic. Multicast does not work consistently. Here are the options available on the Yamaha SWP2 switches:

* IGMP snooping enabled/disabled (currently ENABLED)

* IGMP version 2 or 3 (tried both, currently set at v2)

* IGMP querier: DISABLED (M4300 acting as sole querier)

* TTL check (tried both, currently DISABLED)


Relevant M4300 settings:

* snooping and querier both ENABLED at all levels

* Fast-leave DISABLED (tried both)

* IGMP Plus DISABLED (tried both)

* MLD snooping and querier both DISABLED

* Bonjour DISABLED


Has anyone else successfully used these two switch lines on one network with multicast passing correctly?

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Re: M4300 multicast with Yamaha SWP2-series

Send email to ProAVDesign@netgear.com please

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