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Re: Netgear Conn with Mikrotik


Netgear Conn with Mikrotik

Hello all,

I need your guidance for a situation that i am facing. We have a Mikrotik switch on which we grand access to the internet. So far so good, the problem is that we bought a new netgear m4300 28g poe+ and we want to create VLANs on it (done it) and we need to have access to the internet, unfortunately we don't. I have create the VLAN, I gave the IP address and I have also configure the DHCP server and it works, but when I try to access the Internet it is not possible.

Now I have connect the two switches and the Mikrotik switch is lets say the master switch, because it has the internet and the access point. So, I have configure the Mikrotik as a DHCP server for the whole lab. So when I connect a device on the Netgear switch it takes DHCP from Mikrotik and it also has access to the internet. The problem is with the new VLAN I am trying to configure.

If you have any ideas please help.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Netgear Conn with Mikrotik

The VLANs (permitting all are properly trunked) are just make up the same L2 network.  Reads to me the DHCP on the Netgear does issue different network config (e.g. default gateway) then the one on the other switch.

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Re: Netgear Conn with Mikrotik


First of all, thank you for your answer.

I want to give you a full description of the problem. 

So, we have a Mikrotik (CCR3228-24P-4S+RM), on which we have a TP-Link AP for WiFi access on Ethernet 2 and on Ethernet 1 we have the corporate LAN which provides us the Internet, this is the only use.  On Ethernet 24 I have connect the Netgear m4300 switch.

On the Mikrotik switch we have configure a vlan210, 211, 212 and of course the default vlan1. It is also our DHCP server for those vlans.

As I mention on Ethernet 24 we have the Netgear switch with default configuration, vlan1 etc. When I use only the vlan 1 all the devices have access on the LAN of course and to the Internet too. But the problem is that when I create a new vlan the device loses the internet access. The DHCP on the Netgear is disabled.

Our goal is to create a new vlan with internet access.


Thank you in advance!




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