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stacked M4300-8X8F can't enable fan

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stacked M4300-8X8F can't enable fan

Hello everyone,


I have two M4300-28G and two M4300-8X8F running in stacked mode. Master is one of the M4300-28G.

The M4300-8X8F were installed a few weeks ago and I noticed that temperature is higher than on the M4300-28G. Upon further investigation i noticed the fans are not running on both of the 8X8F.


I stumpled upon this entry https://community.netgear.com/t5/Managed-Switches/Feature-request-M4300-8X8F-Allow-force-fans-on-qui... and followed these instruction and rebooted the switches.


The fans on the 8X8F are still not running. I connected via powershell SSH to the master switch and the commands were accepted without error (so in the CLI it showed me that the commands were set to M4300-28G but as far as i know the Master stores the configuration for the stacked switches).


Maybe someone has an idea how to enable the fan on the 8X8F?




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