Is my ReadyNAS affected by ShellShock?

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Is my ReadyNAS affected by ShellShock?

Regarding ShellShock:

Our ReadyNAS OS6 devices are not exposed. Whilst 6.1.9 and prior firmware do contain the bash shell that is affected, the default shell is DASH, not BASH. DASH is the shell that would get executed from CGIs. BASH has been updated in 6.2.0 per standard practice.

We have released firmware updates for our affected legacy devices:
RAIDiator-x86 4.2.27
RAIDiator-arm 5.3.11
RAIDiator 4.1.14

If unsure after reading the release notes which firmware is right for your device, please ask on the forums.

For more information about whether your NETGEAR products are affected by ShellShock see this page
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Re: Is my ReadyNAS affected by ShellShock?

Good job NETGEAR, for updating our legacy devices.

I'm looking for a new NAS, The fact that my five year old devices are still supported is a big plus for NETGEAR.
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