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Click Switch for Google Wifi mesh backhaul not working

Hi !


Bottom line, my Google WiFi access points are not able to properly see each other on the ethernet and Google suggests it may be my switch configuration's support for SPT...


Network layout is rather simple home office setup.

- I've got a cable modem.

- Connected to my main Google Wifi unit (as per Google's requirements, I would have preferred to connect the cable modem directly to the switch)

- Connected to a NETGEAR Click Switch (GSS108E)

- On that switch, I have a couple of computers, 2 Tivo boxes, a printer, and 1 addtional wired google WiFi unit.

- There are no VLANS. Just a flat /24 IP space as defaulted by Google ( - .255)

- The main Google WiFi unit is providing DHCP services to everything, and I can ping all connected devices and tracert with a single hop.


Thanks for your help !

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