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GS108Ev3 Port Trunking

Could someone explain this please: Is trunking available for GS108Ev3 switch?

I read specs and datasheet and for 8 ports model it says "Link Aggregation/Port Trunking" - NO and only supported on 16 ports model.

But at the same time the switch does support multiple VLANs so my question - How is it possible to support a few VLANs but not a Trunking?


If I connect a few GS108Ev3 switches together - would I be able to pass ALL VLANs from switch A to switch B over a SINGLE PORT so all ethernet frames will keep their current VLAN labels intact? (that how "stadard" trunk work works)


If the asnwer is "NO" - should I go with GS108T instead?

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