No Internet on LAN Ports WiFi fully connectivity


No Internet on LAN Ports WiFi fully connectivity

I am stumped. I have full internet connectivity via WiFi but “no internet” via the hard wired LAN ports. Here is the summary:

Both the R7000 and R6800 were fully functioning routers
Previously had internet service with ATT via fiber at Gb speed
Moved and now have cable internet with Spectrum a 100 Mb speed (very sad)
Laptop plugged directly into cable modem everything works fine no connectivity issues.
Add either router R7000/R6800 and I get full connectivity via WiFi connections, but no connectivity via any of the 4 hardwired LAN ports. Browser indicates "DNS Probe Finished Bad Config" Error. Networking icon in low right shows “no internet". Troubleshooting in Windows Networking indicates issues with DNS Server.
Appropriate LAN LEDs (those with connections) illuminate accurately in my case white. LEDs on laptop Ethernet adapter flash so the ports seem to be good. Would be strange is all 4 LAN ports on 2 different routers went bad.
I can access the router via the LAN port at


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