Re: ReadyNAS 102 password recovery...


ReadyNAS 102 password recovery...



I have made a huge misstake and wants to know how i can get into my web interface of my NAS.

I configured a password inside the settings (don't ask me wy i don't know 🙂 ) and now i can't remember what i used for username or password. When i did this something happened and i had to run away and when i came back to this i had forgotten.


I read that i can restore the NAS but i don't dare to do this because of everything i have backed up.

And it seemed a bit difficult to do this, can someone please explaine it to me if this restore is the only way to get into my NAS settings again.




Model: RN102|ReadyNAS 100 Series 2- Bay
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Re: ReadyNAS 102 password recovery...

Hello @ToddeSwe,


I understand you forgot the admin credentials.


You can check the section "Recover the Administrator Password" of the Software Manual for two different ways to recover/reset the admin password.

As an alternative, you can also perform an OS Reinstall. This process reinstalls the firmware on the NAS and resets the administrator user name and password to factory default. It also resets Internet protocol settings. For the steps of OS Reinstall, you can check Chapter 2 of the Hardware Manual, "NETGEAR ReadyNAS 102", at the "Boot Menu" section.


Even though the suggested processes should not delete any data from the NAS, we strongly recommend having an updated, external data backup for reasons of data safety, before performing any action.


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Re: ReadyNAS 102 password recovery...

Thanks i will take a look at this and see if i manage to make it work.

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