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Blinking blue wireless LED?

Hey y'all!
According to the R6300 manual, the blue wireless LED on the front of the router blinks only when WPS mode is on, but for me, it's almost always blinking. It's only very rarely that I've seen that LED stay on without blinking, and I can't figure out why that is.

To be absolutely clear, this is the third LED (going from left to right) located at the bottom-center of the router's front panel, after the power and Internet LEDs.

I've never (intentionally) used WPS mode, and I've only pressed the WPS button on the side a few times when trying to turn it off. The network is password protected of course, but I'm still a little concerned if this WPS mode is always on and someone might join the network. Is there a way to turn it off? Call me obsessive, but I'd like that like to stay solid for my peace of mind.

Any help would be appreciated!
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Re: Blinking blue wireless LED?

Try doing a factory reset.
wright down the changes you madeto the router.
Do not restore from a backup.

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Re: Blinking blue wireless LED?

Will do! Thanks, Mark.

It that done simply by changing the settings in a browser (Advanced > Backup Settings) or do I also need to use the reset button on the back of the router?
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