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Any experiences with the Netgear R6200 router? I noticed it is now for sell at several of the online retailers. Reviews are limited. No dedicated forum yet. I thought about trying one. I did not have much luck with the R6300.
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Re: R6200?

Should be fine just like my R6300.

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Re: R6200?

Mark_K wrote:
Should be fine just like my R6300.

Looks like an r6300 without Genie and without Bridge configuration. Correct?
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Re: R6200?

it still has Genie but has one less usb port and is slower.

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Re: R6200?

If you are talking about the Genie web interface. The R6200 has that. If you are talking about the downloadable Netgear Genie application, the R6200 supports that.

However... The R6300 will support the Genie App Marketplace, which the R6200 will not due to the smaller amount of FLASH RAM. Right now the only model I think that has public released firmware for the Genie App support is the WNR3500Lv2. You can look @ the Marketplace here:
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