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Revolutionary ReadyNAS OS 6 Announced

Revolutionary ReadyNAS OS 6 Announced

Earlier this week NETGEAR announced our latest generation of ReadyNAS products and operating system. Check out the press release ... dyNAS.aspx or visit for more information. We have made a revolutionary technology leap with our latest release. A few of the latest advancements are listed below.

* ReadyCLOUD discovery: evolutionary change in the way units are discovered and setup
* ReadyCLOUD: your own private cloud, access and manage your data from anywhere
* Unlimited Block-based Snapshots: continuous data protection, restore to any point in time
* Instant and thin provisioning: simply the management of shares and LUNs
* First production NAS to leverage BTRFS file system
* Disaster Recovery: ReadyNAS Replicate now included with each unit, no additional license needed
* Anti-Virus: embedded real-time scanning as files are written, no additional license needed
* Plus much more…

The ReadyNAS OS 6 is only available on the new products. We are not supporting units in the field based on older operating system versions to the latest version. There are many reasons for this. There is a fundamental file system change which makes upgrading difficult to impossible for devices in use. The data risk associated with any upgrade. Even with the factory default option, there are hardware limitations on the previous generations which would need to be overcome.

NETGEAR will be supporting existing operating systems with software releases going forward. This will focus on bug fixes and minor improvements.

Many users in this forum will appreciate the leap forward in technology the new platform is providing. Others will be displeased that the new features are not going to be supported on previous HW generations. This decision was debated, but ultimately the decision was made to start fresh on new HW and try to innovate quicker without worrying about legacy support issues.

Thank you for your support,
The ReadyNAS Team
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