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*OLD BETA* RAIDiator 4.2.19

RAIDiator 4.2.19 is a minor update to the RAIDiator 4.0 series for the ReadyNAS Ultra 2/4/6 [Plus], Pro 2/4/6, NVX, Pro, 2100, 3100, 3200, and 4200.

To install a test firmware, download the release image from the link, go to the System/Update/Local tab in FrontView and upload the firmware image there. You will need to reboot the ReadyNAS once the image has been uploaded.

Bugs from this release should be posted in this forum with subject prefixed with the test release name, for example "T2: this so and so does not appear to be working". Please be courteous and do not hijack a thread. If you have a different issue, open a new thread.

Thanks again for helping out, and may the force be with you 8)
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Re: *NEW BETA* RAIDiator 4.2.19

Test build and download link: 4.2.19-T4

WARNING: If you update to a 4.2.19 beta, you will NOT be able to go back to 4.2.15 or earlier due to the change in the partition format.


Bug fixes:
1. [T2] Fixed updates where guest access was inadvertently enabled for AFP shares. After update, please check your AFP share settings and disable guest access if it was enabled with the 4.2.18 update.
2. [T2] Fixed updates where previously enabled Advanced AFP Permission got disabled. After update, please check your AFP share settings and re-enable Advanced AFP Permission if it got disabled with the 4.2.18 update.
3. [T2] CNID database for all AFP shares will be updated during the firmware update process. If you have large shares, it may take longer during the firmware update. This is to be expected.
4. [T4] Fixed an AFP crash when doing permission checking.

1. IE 6 no longer supported. Please update to IE 7 or 8.
2. Volume expansion will not work beyond 16 TB. To support 16 TB or greater, you'll have to factory default with that capacity in place.
3. Snapshot resizing has been disabled in the release. We will re-enable this feature in a future update.
4. Maximum 2TB drive support on 3200/4200 channels 5-12 due to LSI controller limitation.
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Re: *NEW BETA* RAIDiator 4.2.19

Updated with T4.
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