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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

*OLD* ReadyNASOS 6.5.0 (RC3) *OLD*


*OLD* ReadyNASOS 6.5.0 (RC3) *OLD*

Latest beta: ReadyNASOS 6.5.0 (RC3)

6.5.0-RC3 kernel source code

To install: Click on appropriate link above for your system to download firmware image.
Then upload that image from the management UI's System->Settings->Update->Install Firmware section.


New features

  • ReadyCLOUD User Migration to MyNETGEAR Account.
  • Amazon Cloud Drive file sync support.
  • Custom snapshot schedule configuration.
  • Custom snapshot retention policies.
  • Configurable snapshot access policies.
  • PTP (Photo Transfer Protocol) / MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) media backup support.
  • Active Directory user mapping import/export capability.
  • Custom fan adjustment settings.
  • Snapshot pruning threshold is now configurable in the Volume Settings menu.
  • WSD discovery support.



  • Backup job configuration UI simplification.
  • Merged snapshot timeline and snapshot recovery functionality into the same section.
  • Cloud backup services (Dropbox, Egnyte, ReadyNAS Vault, and Amazon Cloud Drive) moved to the Cloud tab.
  • Apps are now sorted alphabetically by default.
  • Apps list can now be searched or filtered.
  • Quota violation alerts can now be disabled.
  • Boot progress is now displayed on systems with LCD panels.
  • Backup jobs to/from FTPS targets are now supported.
  • SMB backups from Mac OSX are now supported.



  1. [Beta 1] Fixed CVE-2015-7547 (glibc getaddrinfo() stack-based buffer overflow)
  2. [Beta 1] Switching from a DHCP to static IP address now defaults to the DHCP-assigned DNS servers.
  3. [Beta 1] Fixed Anti-Virus performance issues when browsing share contents.
  4. [Beta 1] Fixed performance degradation when hot-adding disks. (RN202/204/212/214)
  5. [Beta 1] Fixed next power-on state after power loss to restore to the last state. (RN202/204/212/204)
  6. [Beta 1] Fixed occasional shutdown failures with Wake-on-LAN or Power Schedule enabled. (RN202/204/212/214)
  7. [Beta 1] Fixed shutdown failures with Wake-on-Lan enabled on bonded interfaces. (RN102/104/2120)
  8. [Beta 1] Added strings for various error codes.
  9. [Beta 1] Added support for Kernel Plus addon, to support XFS USB drives and various extra network options.
  10. [Beta 2] Fixed several Amazon Cloud Drive bugs.
  11. [Beta 2] Fixed an issue where the snapshot pruning threshold would get changed on upgrade.
  12. [Beta 2] Unconditionally enabled access to users' home folder snapshots through ReadyCloud or Windows Previous Versions.
  13. [Beta 2] Fixed buttons getting cut off in the UI with some apps.
  14. [Beta 2] Additional Anti-Virus performance improvements in several situations.
  15. [Beta 2] Update ReadyNAS Vault to the latest version.
  16. [Beta 2] Fixed errors with EDA500 volumes. (RN516/716)
  17. [Beta 2] Fixed an issue where ethernet link LEDs would remain lit after poweroff without WoL enabled. (RN102/104/2120)
  18. [Beta 2] Added WSD discovery support.
  19. [Beta 2] Fixed a DLNA issue recording the new paths of video subtitle files when they were moved to a new location.
  20. [RC1] If disk spindown is enabled, apply the configured spindown timer to USB and eSATA disks as well if they support it.
  21. [RC1] Fixed many Amazon Cloud Drive bugs.
  22. [RC1] Fixed a bug where the power timer may improperly fire at the beginning of each week.
  23. [RC1] Improved the snapshots retention UI to be more intuitive.
  24. [RC1] Fixed an issue that caused joining a domain that does not allow SMB1 connections to fail.
  25. [RC1] Fixed backup job USB port selection failing when a drive was connected to the selected port.
  26. [RC1] Fixed an issue where EFI paritions were not being ignored on USB drives.
  27. [RC1] Fixed redundant email when testing email alert settings.
  28. [RC1] Fixed Samba "Badlock" security vulnerability.
  29. [RC1] Fixed an issue where virus alerts may not be logged.
  30. [RC2] Fixed character validation of backup job folder exclusions.
  31. [RC2] Fixed NTFS driver performance degradation.
  32. [RC2] Fixed improper power state after power is restored. (RN3130/3138)
  33. [RC2] Tweaked the fan adjustment algorithm to prevent unnecessary alerts.
  34. [RC3] Fixed some Active Directory issues related to the Badlock fix.
  35. [RC3] Updated OpenSSL to address newly announced security vulnerabilities.
  36. [RC3] Fixed erroneous failed snapshot alerts on shares with a custom snapshot schedule.
  37. [RC3] Fixed some legacy VPN services running unnecessarily with ReadyCLOUD disabled.
  38. [RC3] Don't send alerts when CPU voltage fluctuates, since this is normal behavior.



  • ReadyNAS Remote is no longer supported.  Remote access now only provided by ReadyCLOUD.



  • Unless you are advised by NETGEAR Support in a support case to update to beta software, NETGEAR Support will deny support if you are running beta software. You can seek help here on the  NETGEAR Community for issues encountered on the beta.
  • ReadyCLOUD users will require migration to a new test server. Instructions are provided.
  • Devices updated with 6.5.0 BETA firmware should not be downgraded to earlier firmware versions.
  • ReadyNAS 102, 104, and 2120 must not be updated directly from 6.3.0 - 6.3.4 to 6.5.x.  They must first be updated to either 6.2.x or 6.3.5.


  • None



Downloads for Beta ReadyCLOUD Services:

Instructions are available for help installing the beta clients.


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