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How to sync between computers?


How to sync between computers?

In setting up the ReadyCloud account and installing the “ReadyCLOUD App for Backup and Sync”, the process gave me the option of "selecting the directory that I want to use as the backup folder for ReadyCLOUD" It only listed default directories on my C: drive. Thus it backed up the folder Pictures on my C: drive but my Pictures are not located on the C: drive which is a SSD. The pictures are located on the P drive (a local HDD on the same PC). I am going thru the backup process suggested during the installation of the ReadyCLOUD app but I see no way of specifying where my pictures are truly located in establishing a share folder or a backup job or a means to sync between my local computers (tablet for example). The process only gives me default folders on the C: drive. How do I set up a means to sync my pictures between computers on my LAN using the ReadyNAS RN10400?

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Re: How to sync between computers?

A quick Google search for "Symbolic Links" should point you in the right direction if ReadyCLOUD doesn't allow adding folders from other drives aside from drive C. Don't use ReadyCLOUD so cannot provide specific help for that.
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